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NBK Banque Privée is a provider of financial services to its clients. The bank is constantly scanning an ever more complex financial world in search of managers, products and services that are the best in class to satisfy the evolving financial needs of our clients.

Investment Management

  • 01 Client Risk Profiling

  • 02 Asset Allocation

  • 03 Discretionary Management

Wealth Management

  • 01 A Holistic Approach

  • 02 Customized Solution For Your Needs

  • 03 An Open Architecture

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2023
Annual Report 2022
Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2020
Client Deposit Insurance


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Our information

NBK Banque Privée (Suisse) SA is a bank registered in Switzerland and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA with registered place of business at 5 Rue de la Corraterie, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

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