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Regional Markets - Sharia


Trade online the Sharia-compliant stocks in the stock markets of Kuwait and GCC, and Egypt market through a single account. In addition to our mobile trading application.

One Account
Seven Markets


Online trading access to the stock markets of Kuwait, GCC and Egypt through one account and a single screen:

  • Real time stock prices
  • Market watch screen
  • Advanced Charting & Portfolio Analysis tools


Service delivered through these trading platforms:

  • Trading Website
  • Mobile Application
  • Premium Platform (PRO) Download

Brokerage Services


A team of experienced brokers supporting online trading over the phone


Handling corporate actions in all markets such as the collection and deposit of cash dividends and/or bonus shares in clients’ brokerage accounts, in addition to capital increase


General Assembly Meeting notifications for Kuwait Stock Exchange


Mobile Application trading


Dedicated Customer Service Center via 1803111


  • 01 Premium Platform (Pro)

  • 02 Mobile Application

  • 03 Trading Website


How to get started

  • 01 Step 1

  • 02 Step 2

  • 03 Step 3

Related forms

Client Agreement for Electronic Trading
Fees and Commissions
Islamic List - Sharia

KYC Forms

Request to Deposit Shares
Request to Issue Shares Certificates
Authorization letter to trade in Saudi Stock Exchange (TDWL)
Authorization letter to trade in The Egyptian Exchange (EGX)
Personal Info Change Request

FAQs – Sharia

Account Opening

  • 01 What are the requirements to open a Watani Brokerage - Sharia account?

  • 02 How will I receive my user ID and Password?

  • 03 Next steps

Share Transfers/Issuance

  • 01 How to transfer shares from the clearing company to my Watani Brokerage - Sharia account? (Only in Kuwait)

  • 02 How to issue shares certificates (physical, only in kuwait)?

Fund Transfers

  • 01 How to transfer money from my bank account to my Watani Brokerage - Sharia account?

  • 02 How to transfer money from my Watani Brokerage - Sharia account to my bank account?

Commission and Fees

  • 01 What are the trading commission rates?

  • 02 What are the other miscellaneous fees?

  • 03 What are the monthly exchange live quotes fees?

  • 04 What are the Pro Subscription fees?


  • 01 How to reset my password?

  • 02 How to update my personal information on the system?

  • 03 How to close my Watani Brokerage - Sharia account?

  • 04 Contact Us

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