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Traditional Investments


We offer award-winning investment products, centered on growth, transparency, and efficient risk management. Our experienced professionals provide a diverse array of opportunities and exposure to MENA and global markets. We help you transform your equity portfolios with our tailor-made SMAs striving for exceptional performance that makes you stand out. 

  • In-House Managed Funds & SMAs
  • Global Multi-Asset Investment Plans

In-House Managed Funds & SMAs

Core offering includes a full suite of liquid funds and customized solutions, that provide exposure to the MENA region and global markets. The team also provides a liquidity service for clients to restructure equity portfolios into an SMA that aligns with their financial objectives.

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

An investment portfolio owned by one investor and managed on a discretionary basis by the MENA Asset Management division. Through portfolios that are well diversified across countries, sectors, and securities, SMAs have delivered a strong performance since inception and achieved a solid track record of relative performance.

SMAs Benefits

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SMAs offer clients more flexibility in terms of style and geographical exposure

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Clients can fund the SMA with an existing equity portfolio, cash, or a combination of both

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Higher level of transparency and in-depth reporting

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Direct interaction with portfolio managers as needed

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No up-front fees and lower management fees, administrative and transaction fees

Global Multi-Asset Investment Plans

Explore our global multi-asset investment plans, designed to give you exposure to over 5,000 companies and diverse markets worldwide. Tailored to your risk tolerance, financial goals, and ambitions, these plans offer a unique, personalized experience in your financial journey.

Why invest in these plans? 

  • 01 Diversified, Multi-Asset Investments

  • 02 Tailored Investment Advice

  • 03 Fund Your Account Globally

Mutual Funds

Invest in our selection of mutual funds

  • 01 NBK Kuwait Equity Fund

  • 02 Gulf Equity Investment Fund

  • 03 Regional Bonds and Sukuk Investment Fund

  • 04 Al-Watani Saudi Equity Fund

Money Market Funds

We aim to safeguard our clients’ short-term investments with our suite of onshore liquidity funds

  • 01 Watani KD Money Market Fund II

  • 02 Watani USD Money Market Fund

  • 03 Watani KD Money Market Fund According to Islamic Shariah Principles II

  • 04 Watani USD Money Market Fund According to Islamic Shariah Principles II

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