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Banking Services

Pioneering Banking
Solutions through the Years

As leaders in private banking, we provide a comprehensive array of strategies designed to optimize the performance of your cash holdings. Our approach focuses on maximizing returns while ensuring liquidity and flexibility, allowing you to make the most of your financial resources.

Dedicated Private
Banking Manager

At NBK Wealth, our personalized wealth advisors are your dedicated partners. We work closely with you to create a unique and seamless financial journey that aligns with our long-standing commitment to being your preferred and trusted banking partner.

Your dedicated private banking manager will deliver a suite of comprehensive solutions tailored to align with your precise financial objectives and aspirations. They are always ready to cater to your needs and fulfill any requests, ensuring your experience remains exceptional and entirely focused on your success.

Treasury Services

Our team of professionals possess extensive experience in domestic, regional, and international markets, bringing you an array of investment opportunities. We streamline operations using an effective business model and provide individuals with customized hedging solutions. Our wealth management experts safeguard your assets and offer diverse strategies to meet your personal and organizational goals. Moreover, we leverage our deep understanding of your needs to deliver personalized treasury solutions while keeping you at the forefront of the financial landscape.

We support you by, 

  • Offering a relationship-based approach instead of a transaction-based approach. 
  • Covering global and local markets to advise you on a wide spectrum of instruments and investments, ranging from simple foreign exchange transactions and money market instruments to complex multi-currency hedging solutions, yield enhancement products, and investment strategies.
  • Offering access to current accounts, saving accounts, and other key deposit accounts.
  • Allowing safe Foreign Exchange Transactions and Foreign Exchange Derivatives, including swaps, options, and forwards. 
  • Structuring Investment Products to provide exposure to multiple asset classes with varying maturities.
  • Providing relevant professional advice and market updates. 
  • Enabling you to monitor and invest in markets across the globe 24/7.

Financial Solutions

Our private banking experts offer a range of financial solutions, from banking and deposits to borrowing and protection, giving you access to wealth management specialists from anywhere in the world.



We offer an array of banking services designed to meet your needs with expertise and support. Our secure and holistic approach ensures optimal performance and safeguarding of your assets. Whether it's managing your deposits, providing lending solutions, or offering protection for your wealth, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service and assistance to help you achieve your financial goals.



We understand the importance of safeguarding your funds and delivering exceptional value. Our commitment to providing a secure and transparent platform ensures that your financial resources are in safe hands, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust and delivering real value to you.



At NBK Wealth, we believe in fostering long-lasting partnerships that span generations by providing lending solutions. When you choose us, you are not just borrowing but entering into a partnership with a trusted institution, prioritizing your needs and diligently providing you with tailored lending solutions that align with your goals and financial security.


Credit Cards

We offer a range of credit card solutions backed by our extensive expertise in financial services. At NBK Wealth, you enter into a secure partnership with a private banking manager who prioritizes your financial well-being and provides credit options according to your preferences and lifestyle.

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Debit Cards

Our debit card solutions are a testament to our commitment to providing safe and convenient payment methods. With our extensive expertise in the financial sector, we offer secure debit cards personalized to meet your specific needs while conducting financial transactions with the utmost security and efficiency.

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